Why Techstbooks?

I used to have a cute little blog where I wrote all kinds of clever and quasi-interesting topics.  I ranted about sports, Google, politics, etc.  Then I found that no one was reading it, not even me.  There was no cohesion and no aim.  So I decided to narrow the focus and launch Techstbooks.

What’s the point?  Well, I have been trying to start an online business for the better part of 3 years.  We have found partners, raised capital, built the product, re-built it, been happy together, been angry at each other, had a launch party pre-maturely, run over time lines and burned past our budget time and again.  As a bonus, we still aren’t generating any real revenue because the core functionality of our product – a subscriber service built aroundsearching the databases of a specific sector – is still living in a shade of gray.  It would be easy to call the last three years “an exhaustive education in business and the new economy.”  In fact, that’s exactly what it has been.  I know the pitfalls so well that “if I knew then what I know now” we’d probably be able to go from idea to real launch in 1/10th the time.  But despite these challenges, the product also still has a very real and tangible chance to work,  enthrall users, and make money, which is why we continue to care so much and work so hard to get it right.

So, I decided that while I get to benefit eventually from the site/product paying off, maybe someone out there would care to “benefit” from me sharing the lessons I have learned in the last three years.  Everything you will read here is something with which I have personal experience.  The results I describe are real and happened to actual people (including me) trying their hardest to make something out of very little.

As I say in the little blurb on the right, I can’t code anything and know nothing about databases.  I still use Microsoft Paint to draw pictures and wouldn’t even have a blog without free, idiot-proof software.  If you’re in a similar boat, maybe something I write can help you get started, get moving in the right direction, and avoid the countless landmines that await you on your way to being acquired by Google.

Welcome to Techstbooks.


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