3 extremely useful web thingamajigs.

I use these 3 web applications regularly and thought I’d share them since sometimes finding an easy solution for an easy task is more work then performing the task itself. I doubt any of these things is really a “business” on its own (maybe Payloadz is, but who knows) but I find the products very useful and appreciate them being online.

Online PDF Creation http://www.pdfonline.com – Browse your computer for the file you want converted to .pdf….enter the name you want for the file….enter your email address….click the button.

PDF is emailed to you and looks great. This beats installing updates of Adobe and setting the right printer and all the other mess that comes with it. And since it comes via email, you can actually skip a step and enter someone else’s address if the whole point of making the PDF is to share it with someone else.

Online payments for non-tangible materials made easyhttp://www.payloadz.com – Browse for a file, upload it, set your price, paste code. Easy. They even have micro-payment solutions available since it runs through Paypal. So, you can upload photos or software or music or whatever, put a price on it, and if someone wants it…you get paid. Perfect for eBooks and the like.

Sending files easilyhttp://www.senduit.com – Super useful tool. Find the file you want to share on your computer, load it up, choose how long you want the file to be available and hit the button. Then, share the link with whomever you like to get back to the file. All things considered, it may not be any easier or faster then emailing the file, but it certainly feels more convenient and less messy.

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  1. Nice stuff man, any way thought of telling you about the beta release of Dekoh.

    P.S Saw your thought on TC about Dekoh.

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