RANT – Most of these new websites are lame

I made a little reference to this when asking “How much web 2.0 do you use?” in a previous post. However, I’m now to the point of frustration with these new companies and products that I think a little more vitriol is necessary. First a few observations, some of which I’ve spelled out before…

1. A “feature” is not a business. Being able to “do something” in a browser does not qualify as being a company. Apparently, however, it will get you funding from someone with plenty of dollars and not enough sense, particularly if you live in Silicon Valley and/or have a track record of wasting people’s money.  For example, there are more then a few “search engines” out there that do nothing but show you the results of other search engines.  In the race to be the worst software / web invention of all time, these sites share first place.

2. I wish someone would give me 7 digits of funding with no real idea what I’m using it on. I’m not entirely sure how another company that “hosts photographs” or “shows videos” or “shows interesting stories!” or “offers reviews of xyz”justifies taking millions of dollars in seed money.  Maybe I’m the impatient sort, but if I had a million dollars, I wouldn’t be giving it to you and 3 of your friends to draw a paycheck while sitting around in an expensive office as you try and figure out how to make your two dozen page views generate revenue.

3. Check out some of the traffic numbers on some of these sites.  Go on.  I dare you.  There are sites receiving publicity on blogs that get over 100k readers a day.  You can see in the traffic graphs exactly when that publicity happened…and two days later you can see that it had no affect on generating users.  If 100k+ early adopter tech-heads came to my site and fewer then 1% signed up and used the service repeatedly, I’d return the money to investors and start a landscaping business, swearing off computers for good.

I am baffled by the fact that there are literally dozens of “companies” launching every day and receiving funding every day that are absent any real business model, any real revenue stream, any traffic and any compelling reason why anyone would ever use them.  But for those of you fortunate enough to be able to spend the next two years sitting around reading digg or TechCrunch while getting paid out of someone else’s ill-advised investment, kudos.


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