I will review your startup. Perhaps we will both learn something.

If anyone is working on a project and would like a little publicity (and I mean A LITTLE), send it along and I’d be happy to post about it here.  The difference between a “Techstbooks startup review” and a review found at one of the many fluff sites out there is that I promise to be honest and I promise to get your response to my honesty before publishing anything.

Here’s how it will work…

Post the URL of your startup in the comments.  WordPress’s nifty software will show me your email address so I can contact you at the appropriate time.  Don’t tell me what your company does (“We’re a cross between Digg and a Ham Sandwich!”) or anything else (“We have raised a billion dollars in Series W!”).  I don’t care.  If I can’t go to your site, signup, and use the service without the company’s Chieff Architecnologexecutifinancial Officer walking me through it, then chances are that my review will not be positive.

Once I’ve written up what I think of your site/app/whatever, I’ll email it to you and wait a couple of days for your reply.  I’ll then post my review and your unedited reply on the site.

 What you can expect…

I don’t know anything about server calls and DHTML and whatever else is popular with the kids these days.  I DO know quite a bit about design, function, and whether something is worth giving more then a quick glance.  I also represent the kind of user you’re probably trying to attract: frequent web-user who can’t build an app by himself.  I am not easily impressed, but maybe I’ll see something that you haven’t noticed that may help you in your quest to buy a big boat and live on the coast.

Have at it.

3 Responses

  1. Allright. http://tipit.to/

    The site isn’t actually live yet, but the idea is there. If you’d rather comment on an implementation, the software is quite far along and I can get you access to the demo box.

  2. Email forthcoming Reinier…thanks for being the first to step up to the plate.

  3. Hello Colin,

    Here is my startup, hope you can take a look and comment on it.

    Have a good one.


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