Quote of the Century

“Imagine what you might accomplish if you knew you would not fail.” – Unknown

I saw that on a card at a car wash last week and I’ve been amazed at how much it struck me then and how much it strikes me now, days later.  In just a handful of words it conveys the following facts to me:

  1. Many people do not set out after their dreams for fear of failure
  2. What would you/I be doing different with our lives if we knew that success was assured?
  3. When asking oneself “do I really believe in ME to do this?”, the answer is pretty hazy.  Perhaps our assurance of success is hard to believe because we would have to rely on ourselves to achieve it.

We all make choices about what we want to do in life and how much we’re willing to sacrifice or put in to get there.  But it remains staggering to me how quickly people settle for less then what they always thought they could accomplish.  No, not everyone is going to start a business or go on a Mission-trip to Africa or cure cancer or whatever.  But look around sometime at all the people around you who aren’t challenging themselves to do what they really want or really need to do.

What could you accomplish if you knew you would not fail?  What is it that’s making you think you will fail?


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