Another great post by 37Signals

As I’ve trumpeted before, the 37Signals blog “Signal vs. Noise” is one to read. There are equal parts design, strategy, development, and business all rolled in to an easy to read form. Even better, the guys writing it have some real experience and real success. Anyway, they had a great post (linked Here ) that is well worth reading.   Some of the highlights…

  •  The longer a product takes to develop, the less likely it will launch. Long projects zap morale. Things get in the way. Life changes. Your time demands shift. Opportunity costs mount.
  • Your initial assumptions about how critical a specific feature is often wrong. You don’t want to spend all the extra time up front on something that may or may not be the deciding factor. You’re better off executing the basics at a very high level and then adding on from there. What you thought was essential may surprise you.

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