Is today the day? Why not?

Every morning, before I put my feet on the floor, before I even open my eyes, I ask myself the same two questions:

“Is today the day you give up?” And I always answer “no.” Today is not the day I give up on trying to do better and achieve more through my work, my projects, my family, my future. I make a conscious decision every morning that, no, today is not the day I quit and fall in to the pattern.

Then I ask myself, “Why not?” Why isn’t today the day you quit? Why not back off a bit and take the pedal off the floor. There is nothing wrong with settling in to the comfort and normalcy that is available. Millions upon millions of people have wonderful, fulfilling lives by waking up every morning, doing their best, going through their routine, and then repeating the episode the next day. “Why not?” is me asking myself what it is that makes me feel like I’m different and what it is that I’m prepared to do that day to further the cause.

You see, everyone has a dream or two along the way. An idea or invention or belief that they can be a movie star or walk on the moon or cure a disease or teach English in China. And most people set those dreams aside at some juncture, at first because life seems too complicated to pursue those dreams (“Let me get my college loans paid off with a regular job and I’ll come back to it”) and then life becomes too comfortable to pursue those dreams (“I have it great, and I have too many responsibilities that I’m committed to right now to go after my dream”). Fair enough, no harm in that.

But I’m not one of those people, and I suspect if you’re reading this neither are you. At present, (among other things) I have one full-time job, two other jobs that require around 20 hours a week to fulfill, two web projects I’m trying to develop, and this here lonely blog that I’m trying to update regularly.   There never seem to be enough hours in the day.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way because this is how I keep pushing forward to get to the elusive “something more” that everyone chases, at least for a while. The easy argumet to make would be that I’m missing so much around me by trying so hard. That’s a fair criticism indeed. But some people are hard-wired to go after something and stay the course as long as it takes. As my father in law says, “You will likely find that the key to success in life comes down to one thing: persistence.”

Tomorrow morning, my alarm will go off and I’ll yawn and ask myself, “Is today the day? Why not?” And when I’ve provided myself a satisfactory answer, I’ll roll out of bed and keep pushing. Try it, you may find it helps you remember each and every day not to give up, to keep trying, to put your nose to the stone and push yourself to be everything you were meant to be. Because if you aren’t constantly reaffirming to yourself that no, today is not that day, you might eventually wake up and realize that you quit a long time ago and never even noticed.

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