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Paypal Rant
March 11, 2008

Friggin’ Paypal.  So I bought some stuff on eBay and added a new credit card to pay for it.  I selected the credit card.  I clicked “pay.”  Something didn’t take.  And since Paypal doesn’t give ANY HINT WHATSOEVER as to what payment method on file they used to process the transaction, I assumed everything had gone off…well….like I thought it should using the payment method I had chosen.

But that would be too easy.  Instead, Paypal used my bank account, and since it takes 2 days to post a payment from Paypal, I’m now 11 transactions overdrawn and there’s nothing they can/will do to help.  To make matters worse, the dipshit on the customer service line assured me that I’m a moron since their software is infallible and error-free so the mistake must have been mine.

Who loves technology?