Paypal Rant

Friggin’ Paypal.  So I bought some stuff on eBay and added a new credit card to pay for it.  I selected the credit card.  I clicked “pay.”  Something didn’t take.  And since Paypal doesn’t give ANY HINT WHATSOEVER as to what payment method on file they used to process the transaction, I assumed everything had gone off…well….like I thought it should using the payment method I had chosen.

But that would be too easy.  Instead, Paypal used my bank account, and since it takes 2 days to post a payment from Paypal, I’m now 11 transactions overdrawn and there’s nothing they can/will do to help.  To make matters worse, the dipshit on the customer service line assured me that I’m a moron since their software is infallible and error-free so the mistake must have been mine.

Who loves technology?


One Response

  1. Hi,
    Im a great fan of your blog and startup ideas that i read on and also on this blog.
    i check this blog every otehr day and a group of friends reading your views and ideas. im requesting you to kindly not give up cause there are some who believe and experince what you write and alos learn from you.
    I believe and wish that if you could share some ideas on startups ideas that would you have with you. please stop….

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