Facebook is annoying me.

There’s an article in this week’s Time Magazine about how Facebook allows you to keep up with nearly everyone you’ve ever known and why that isn’t always a good thing.  I’ve encountered an entirely different problem: I can’t communicate with friends anymore because of the convenience of Facebook.  

Last week I found the email address of an old friend.  He and I had played in bands together and been buddies in high school before he moved out of the country.  I saw him a few times when he’d come over for the summers, but other then a couple hours in New York City in the summer of 1998, I haven’t had any interraction with him in about 14 years.  

So, I find an old email address online and send him a note saying, “is this a good email addy?”  He replies back with a better one and I send him a couple paragraphs about what I’ve been up to and asking how he’s been.  In response, he added me as a friend on Facebook.  Sigh.  

Now, I’ve seen pictures and can read his favorite quotes and hear what he’s been rocking out to but I’m not further along in catching up with him.   The convenience of adding me on Facebook trumped the oh-its-such-a-pain-in-the-ass of writing me a real email.  Instead of a note telling me what he’s been up to, I received an invitation to come see for myself through friend comments, photos, pokes, etc.   Best I can tell, he has a lot of friends, smokes cigars, and makes goofy faces in photos.  I sure am glad we could get caught up.  

Oh well.


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