It won’t sell itself.

You’ve had your great idea.  You’ve built it, fabbed it, developed it, released it, sent it out to everyone you know.  Now, you just need to sit back and get your pen ready to endorse the big pile of checks about to come in, right?

Uh, not so fast Mr. Warbucks.

The simple truth is that all of the “overnight success” “viral” “tipping point” stories you’ve heard are the VERY rare exception to some hard and fast rules.
Someone (Emerson, Eddison, Rockefeller, Homer Simpson) once said that if you build a better mouse-trap at a good price, the business will come.  Nothing is further from the truth.  The advent of the internet has made marketing more important then the product itself and the level of competition out there is a tidal wave against which you have no prayer.  NONE.  I don’t care if you’re a seasoned AdWords pro or an SEO master.  There is no chance – AT ALL – that releasing your product or service to the wild and hoping word of mouth and a good website will net sales. 
Sure, you could launch a widget or service on the internet and with some text ads make a few bucks.  You might even generate enough income to quit your dayjob and reap the rewards full time.  Goodness knows there are enough books coaching up such a path to riches.

But the better chance is that you are working on something that you think is a lot more promising then a few dollars here and there.  As such, your chance for success is increased by a magnitude of a zillion if you have someone – you or a hired hand – out there on the streets selling your product/service the old fashioned way: customer relationships.

No, your internet based wonder isn’t going to get a million monthly page views because someone was out there selling it one customer at a time.  But the more realistic scenario is that your internet based wonder is going to take a lot more help then just a few people happening upon it and spreading the word.  From chatrooms and forums to blogs, you’ve got to put your project out there and encourage (sell) people on using it.

It won’t sell itself, at least not for long.  Get out there and sell it or hire someone to get out there and sell it.  That way you won’t be stuck watching your well-built boat floating around a very large ocean with no one stopping by to check it out.

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