the beauty of basketball

The most important aspect of basketball is not scoring. It is not dribbling or yao ming or jerry crawford. Its rebounding. I’ll take bets all day that the team with the rebounding advantage will win the game. Sure, it sometimes happens that the team with the most rebounds loses but on a long enough timeline, the team that wins the glass wins the game.

You see, a rebound is a second chance. It is redemption. It is recovery. It is a chance to make right what was wrong. Every shot put up is meant to go in but only about 50% of them do. That means that about half of all shots are missed and can be rebounded. And the team that controls these well-intentioned misses, these mistakes, will control the game and win.

Business is no different. If you’re lucky you’ll only miss half the time. More likely you’ll miss a lot more often then that. But what will help you survive and prosper is not the shot you hit on your first go but how you handle the “rebounds”, the second chances, the misses that put the ball right in to your hands for another shot.

Control the boards, win the game.


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