its all about the books

My business is experiencing “holy shit” kind of growth. Sales in may were double our prior high month and we already have more business then that ready to go out the door in june. We might double sales 3 months in a row, an astounding 800% growth rate in 4 months time.

The problem in all this has been in keeping the books straight as we go from mediocre growth to insane growth. I always thought that this would be a good problem to have and could be easily dealt with when the time came. Uh, no. I’m burning up the phone lines trying to find an accountant who can help with some things for which my partners and I are woefully unqualified.

I’ll get it solved and things will be great, but once again I am learning that the cornerstone of success is not ust money, but an understanding of what’s going on with the money. If I could do it all over again, I’d have planned for this months ago. But if you haven’t been through this or aren’t there yet, take one of my earlier rules to heart: find someone trustworthy who is good with the books. Utilize their services and keep them engaged with what’s going on. You’ll be glad you did when things turn out the way you hoped all along.

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