a great problem to have?

I’ve said at every turn that having more business then you can handle is a “great problem to have.”. My thinking was that having a huge influx of business could be easily solved by investors and banks wanting in on the eruption.

The hard truth is, however, a little different. If you are in a fast paced, capital intensive business (like distribution) then a need for money is an immediate need and not something that you have the benefit of waiting on. I’ve been blessed with partners willing to write a check at a moment’s notice but now that things are really humming, our needs surpass their liquidity. We recently were granted an sba loan (with no fees thanks to obama’s tarp plan) which is going to help a ton. But that money is already spent amd we will soon need to go to the well for more.

So there are two points here: if you know anyone with a few grand lying around, I’d be happy to give them 5% on their money on 2 weeks. And more importantly, if you are starting a business with a realistic hope for a “tipping point” where you hit extreme growth overnight, go ahead and try to get your ducks in a row before that happens. You’d hate to miss out on the amazing success you are working for because you didn’t plan ahead.


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