girls, girls. girls

After consulting with my research department
it has been brought to my attention that this blog has a reader. As in, “a” singular reader. From time to time someone else happens upon it but our loyal readership totals a mere one.

And lucky for him, there was nothing posted today and thus nothing he missed. You see, our lone follower was at the hospital with his wife as she delivered not one but two little girls in to the world.

Congratulations to father, mother. son,
and the new duo.
It will be quite a ride for all.

And if ever the time comes for me to share some wisdom with them it would be this:
There is no dress rehearsal. The world is full of amazing opportunities and you can do anything in the world you put your heart in to. Good luck, iits going to be great for all of you.


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  1. Technically if I read to the girls you have 3. That is 300% growth.

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