business is business always

Imagine my surprise today when an email made it to my inbox today fro$ a customer to a non customer expressing the customers displeasure with an order we had coordinated for him.

I thought I had a good rapport with this person. We had an excellent track record of exceeding his expectations,saing him money, and going above and beyond to keep him happy. We never gave him a hard time about being 3 weeks late in paying us. We always worked hard to meet his insanely quick timelines. But the day we misse a delivery by 24 hours he jumped at the chance to badmouth us to a potential new partner.

So the gloves are off. I understand how he operates and now all of the allowances we’d granted him are gone. You work hard to get the benefit of the doubt with someone and they shit at on you the first chabce they get. For shame. But at least I’m reminded of something important: business is business and that’s how it should be. We’ll continue to do a good job for him. We’ll continue exceeding his expectations. But now he’ll be paying the same top dollar forour service as anyone else and he’ll be expected to pay on time for it. . No more charity, no more consideration. Just a sterile working relationship. His loss.


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