growth v stability

Growth takes money. No way around it. To grow your business requires cold hard cash.
On th flip side, when growth slows down you might find yourself with some cash in the bank. While it may be tempting to see the bottom line inproving and celebrate, the truth is that growing your business as long as possible is always a great thing.
Yes, if you own a small shop or niche firm you may turn down business andquit growing. But the real goal should be to swallow up as much marketshare as you can. So you must find a way to not only sustain but promote growth.

As an aside, did you know that john paul wahtshisname from john paul mitchell os the majority owner of patron tequila? He makes 3x the money on alchohol as he does o shampoo.


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  1. Would you say there is a time as a business to shift focus from growth to profitability?

    Yeah market share is important BUT a company gets to a point that profitability becomes a priority over growth. And those companies that do not adjust quickly enough find themselves in a tough spot

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