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Color Me Shocked…
April 22, 2010

I have a lot of friends and even a family member that works for Dell.   I used to work there myself, as a matter of fact.

So imagine my surprise when a source called me last week to say that he’d just seen an internal slideshow of a bunch of cool new phoens and “mini” mobile devices carrying Dell branding.  He said they looked sleek, had great hardware, and ran Window Mobile and Andriod.  HUH?   YEsterday, the Thunder, Lightning, Flash, Smoke, and Looking Glass were outed and the verdict is in:  he was right.

THese devices look great and have the hardware to run some serious chops.  The best part – and the part that is most surprising – is that Dell decided being wedded to “all things Microsoft” for an OS was not the best idea.  If you follow the tech space at all then you know that Dell’s reputation is as a standards-based organization that makes solid products but rarely goes outside the box.  These devices represent a serious journey outside the box, over the hills, to a new world entirely.  I’m looking forward to giving these products a test drive.