Dream Big, Do Small

One of the many reasons people don’t venture out to start their own businesses is because they are waiting around for their “big” idea to come.  No use working on something small, they think.  Something small could distract me – and my time, energy, capital, and connections – from something big.

That’s a silly way to think.  For starters, your “big” idea is going to have to start as something small anyway.  Unless you have access to tons of talented people and plenty of cash (and if you’re reading this blog you probably don’t) then there is simply no way that you are going to start a Fortune 500 company overnight.  So all of your planning about the new social network you’re going to build or the manufacturing facility you want to open is for not since the chances of you getting such a thing up and running are zero.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t dream big.  I do it all the time in the form of registering domain names for potential ideas and businesses, jotting down journal entries about staffing needs and sales pitches.  But the reality is that you aren’t building the next Google or next Microsoft or Amazon.

Why?  Because Brin/Page, Allen/Gates, and Bezos weren’t building those things either.  They were starting with something small.  Only after they had something small that worked did they start diving in to how to make it “bigger.”  My advise to you would be that if you have an idea for a small business you should go about starting that small business.  And if your small business ends up simply being a small business forever, so be it.  There is nothing wrong with a part time business that makes you some supplemental cash or a full time business that makes you a living.  Not every success has to be measured in “billions” or even “millions” of dollars or users or page views.


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