There seems to be some sort of disconnect.

My company uses Grasshopper (formerly GotVMail) for our phone service. Grasshopper is a web based phone system that allows different extensions, ringing options, hold music, etc. For about $15 a month we have a robust phone solution that literally follows me wherever I go. If I’m home, the office phone rings there. If I’m at work, it rings there. Pretty cool and cost effective.

Here is the problem: Grasshopper touts itself online and in ad material (including their near-constant radio ads on CNBC on Sirius radio) as being the best phone choice for entrepreneurs and startups. That’s a good niche to chase since those are the types of people, particularly in tech, that are willing to try a different type of service like Grasshopper. But for some reason, accessing voicemails online can not be done through Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. This BOGGLES THE MIND and causes tons of frustration. Startup folks, entrepreneurs, and early adopters are the people most likely to have ditched Internet Explorer, yet one of the core functions of the Grasshopper service does not work in the browser their target customers are most likely to use.

I’m not leaving the service over it, but how it is that no one on the Grasshopper team has recognized this problem – and fixed it – amazes me.

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