The new world of content.

The times they are a changing. Well, they pretty much always are but we’re in a really interesting/cool/unique time with regard to how we create and consume information. Economics can be defined as the science of the creation, distribution, and consumption of goods. In that regard, the new “content economy” is a fascinating space.

On Sunday mornings I usually get up early with my 13 week old daughter and my wife sleeps in. I usually surf around between old episodes of Law and Order or CSI with the occasional Sportscenter rerun thrown in. Yesterday, I changed it up a little and decided to watch some shows on my Roku streaming TV box thingamajig. The Roku is a device that streams Netflix, Amazon, old shows, UFC fights, etc. over the internet thus cutting out the cable provider. I picked mine up for $60 on Woot a month or so ago. Anyway, I grabbed the Roku out of my big TV room and hooked it up to the TV in the living room (time: < 60 seconds). Got a connection to my Wifi network (<30 seconds) and accessed my Netflix account (<10 seconds).

My Sister in Law had recommended the show "Dexter" to me and, knowing that its about a serial killer, I figured my wife wouldn't like it. But I knew it was on Netflix via streaming. So I fired up "Season 1, Episode 1" and watched, followed by episodes 2 and 3. Pretty good.

Anyway, the whole experience made me wonder why I hadn't gotten a device like this before. The experience was painless, I was able to watch something I wanted to see (as opposed to a rerun of something I'd seen before) and there were no commercials. True, netflix costs $9 a month, but that is NOTHING compared to the value gained from the experience.

My experience Sunday was, in my view, exactly where television is heading. The studios and networks would be wise to realize that they are living on borrowed time with the old model. The new models of distribution – mobile phones, streaming devices, tablets – is to be taken seriously.

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  1. wow, your sister-in-law must be really smart to recommend a great show like Dexter to you. 🙂

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