One of the many problems with Google….

So this here blog is “lightly” read. Most of my posts garner fewer then 5 views initially (and at least 2 are by me re-reading it, one to my sister in law, and one to my buddy Josh). SO its safe to say that Techstbooks is a fairly quiet corner of the internet.

Looking at my paltry stats, I notice that my post title “iPad vs. Kindle vs. Galaxy Tab vs. Streak vs. PLaybook…” is the most read. By a REALLY wide margin. THe post is less then a year old and has garnered over 500 views, far outpacing the rest of the post views in total. In fact, if you type in that title (or parts of it) in google, you actually see my post as the first or second result in the search monolith’s results. ALRIGHT!

The problem lies in the fact that the content of my post is an analysis of the various uses of each product and how each has strengths and weaknesses. There is basically nothing technical in the post and not much in terms of a concrete recommendation or objective critique. It is safe to say that people searching for “ipad vs. Kindle” or “Ipad vs. Galaxy Tab” have very little interest in my musings. They are looking for a concrete evaluation of the products and information that will help them make an informed decision regarding those products. As I said, my post offers none of these things.

Google already gets guff (deservedly) for being full of spam links now. But underneath all of that, the actual REAL content (like my posts) that get promoted in search results are often completely useless because they aren’t applicable. The solution lies in somehow making search semantic so that the search engine “knows” somehow what the searcher is seeking. Product reviews, a recipe for deviled eggs, a comparison between the hottest tech products out there. I don’t know how to solve this issue (hey, don’t blame me – I don’t work at Google) but at some point there will be a point where the problem created by spam combined with the lack of the RIGHT content being easily found will make Google more trouble then it’s worth. My bet is the G-team is trying to solve this issue and not become irrelevant. But it’s a big problem, and it’s only getting worse.

I’m thankful for the traffic and it’s always fun to be “first” in Google’s rankings for something. But part of me feels like part of the problem and not the solution. The other part of me is going to start titling blog posts with oft-search phrases like “how to make a million dollars” and “good asbestos lawyer” so I can get more traffic…


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