Sometimes people need approval. Or affirmation. Or input Or whatever it is you call it when you say, “we need a decision here and pretty much any decision will be sufficient.”


Yesterday, one of the sites I write for had a discussion break out regarding how long certain date-sensitive information should remain on the site. A person had emailed the staff (It’s a small company and we have a lot of company-wide discussions) and said, “Is there any way to erase my comments about project X after a certain time?”

The person that makes these types of decisions and implements the code fired right back, “How long should we leave it?”

I was in the toothpaste aisle at Wal Mart but replied, “30 days.” Ten seconds later, the admin replied: “We’re good to go – thirty days.”

The answer was actually fairly arbitrary. 10 days would have been fine. 60 days would have been fine. Pretty much any answer would have satisfied what we needed…but we did need an answer.


Sometimes it isn’t important what the answer is (“Where should we go for lunch? What time should we have this meeting?) All that is important is that there IS an answer….then you can move forward.

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