Why I’ll never own an iPhone

Actually, “never” is a long time. But I came to the realization this weekend that my subconscious reason for avoiding Apple’s stellar smartphone wasn’t subconscious at all. I won’t own an iPhone until email is pushed to the device. And once it is, I will own an iPhone immediately.

I receive close to 200 emails each day. About 20 of them are annoying. About 80 of them need to be addressed “eventually”. And about 100 require an answer as fast as I can give it. Would it be possible to engage in my business with a slower response time? Probably, but then things just stack up.

This weekend, my email wasn’t syncing on my EVO (android device). I felt like a drug addict missing his fix – thankfully it wasn’t a weekday or I would have been curled up in a ball crying.

I love my iPad. I’m starting to spend more and more time on my Mac compared to my PC. Frankly, I’m a hair’s breath away from going to the dark-side for good except for that one teeny hangup: slow email loading. I’m sure there are work-arounds. I’m sure there are ways to “make it work.” But that isn’t the experience with Apple that I love. I like Apple products becaue they work the way they are supposed to work 100% of the time. Period, the end. And as soon as the email on the iPhone works the way I need it to work 100% of the time, I’m sold.

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