Five reasons why I’m keeping my iPhone

Well, things change quickly. My baby girl ate my Evo a week ago so I took the opportunity to reevaluate my phone choices and wound up buying an iPhone. I almost went with a Nexus S from craigslist but ultimately went with the fruit product. Discounting the savings I get from moving back to a family plan on Att, here are five reasons im keepin the iPhone.

1. Battery life. My Evo had an extended battery and I tried every task killer out there. I kept wifi off and rarely used 4g. And I still usually only got 10 hours from it. The iPhone rocks for a day and a half with wifi on an still has juice. If you have an android phone, this is reason enough.

2. Camera and screen. The camera on the iPhone is better then on the Evo. No, I don’t care about the megapixel count. The iPhone is a better device for taking photos.

3. Auto brightness. This is bit something I expected to care about but it is truly awesome how the iPhone display brightness adjusts to the environment. So it won’t blind you when you’re outside in the dark and it won’t be too dim indoors in the light. Great feature.

4. Speed. The Evo and other android phones boast powerful chips that can do a zillion things at once. That’s great and all, but the iPhone doesn’t lag or lock up or hang up or need rebooting.

5. The apps. The fact that the apple ecosystem is heavily controlled is a GOOD thing as it means that all the apps work correctly. For example, o was never able to write a post on the android wordpress app. This post was as easy as typing an email.

Nevermind that iOS 5 is going to bring a ton of awesome upgrades, it took me less then a week to find five really really good reasons to keep my iPhone. Now I’m simply left asking myself why it took me so long to get one on the first place.


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