The math of fifty million dollars

You. Yeah, you. Flow with me here.

You have a million dollar idea. Actually, what you have is a 100 million dollar idea. But you need a partner because that works better then going at it alone. So, you own half right now. Thus you have a gateway to 50 million. That is $50,000,000.

Repeating: $50,000,000.

But it is five years away. You will be under forty years old and you will have 50,000,000. But five years is 1830 days. Thats a long time.

It will take five years But after 1830 Days you would be able to spend 100,000$ a month every month for the rest of your life. And you would still die with more than the 50,000,000 you started with.

Re-read that.


But It will take five years. 1830 days. Thats a long time, right? And you will have to do half the work, shoulder half the burden, handle half the responsibility, swallow half the risk while all along it feels like you are doing all the work, shouldering the whole burden, eating all the risk.

You will have to fire people who count on you to help them pay their bills.

You will have to say “no” a thousand times for every “yes”.

Fittingly you also hear “no” a thousand times for every “yes”.

You will bounce checks. Customers won’t pay on time. You will feel like you are a day away from going bust every day. Every. Day.

You will struggle and have no one to confide in except your partner.

It will be fun, but mostly it will be very very hard.

50,000,000 is a big number. Keep that in mind. Count to 500 while sitting there at your desk, bored from work. Count to 500 then imagine doing that another 100,000 times. Yeah, it’s a big number. Good for you. Congratulations. But you will have to earn it. And you will not love earning it. You will not like earning it. It will take years off your life to earn it.

So why are you doing this? I’ll tell you why: because 38 billion people have lived on this planet and fewer then .01% of them were able to change the world. And you owe it to yourself to find out if you are one of them.

But it will take five years. And you will work harder then you thought a person could ever work. You only think you work hard now. Try waking up knowing that you can’t pay your mortgage payment or feed your kids if you don’t close the sale TODAY. You have to Ask the bank for more time You have to tell your son that a cheese burger is out, pasta with butter is in. Yeah, now you understand. Sort of. Just wait.

You will miss important family events. You will be misunderstood and people will call you crazy and think you are deluded. People who work in cubicles will laugh at you. People who enjoy three day weekends will turn on you. People that think social security and a 401k matter anymore will scoff. Scoffing is childish. But they will do it anyway.

But in five years you will have fifty million dollars. So what do they know, right?

People hide behind “changing the world!” as their reason to embark on a big journey. But changing the world in business and making a filthy fortune ARE mutually inclusive. Change the world, make a fortune. They go hand in hand. Has anyone ever changed the world and ended up broke because of it outside of Jesus?

It will take five years. You will make $50,000,000. Thats 10,000,000 a year. Thats $33k a day. That is what you are earning every day that you bleed and sweat for this. $33,000 a day. But you cant have it for five years. Deal? Or no deal?

So i have given you the math. You have to solve the equation How much is your time worth? What is $50,000,000 worth? What is changing the world worth? Can you do it? What the f$&k are you waiting for?


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