What’s next

I’ve posted about this before but I’m going to keep writing about it, both to keep my own focus and to see if anyone else has any thoughts.

Right now the Internet is full of ways to express yourself. Facebook, twitter, , etc.

There are also ways to gain acknowledgement for your online activity. Think foursquare “mayors” and quora vote-ups.

What’s next is the convergence of the two. It’s platform where you can express yourself, where people will listen, and where you will find quantifiable approval (or disapproval) for your thoughts and opinions. The communities on these platforms will in turn shape your motivations and mold your behaviors through their attention and approval.

It will essentially be the long tail of celebrity where who you are as a person and your individual brand will converge. You will express yourself as you would on Facebook but you will collect feedback as you would on quora. And you will be rewarded as on foursquare. You will compete for attention and approval. And you will be rewarded when you have earned it.

That’s what’s next.


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