How to stop SOPA

I saw a post somewhere stating that Jimmy Wales was threatening to shut down Wikipedia in protest of SOPA. Good for him. That’s a powerful statement. Unfortunately it won’t do much good since 60 year old Senators from North Dakota don’t know anything about the internet, much less Wikipedia.

But there is one person that could put an end to this SOpA non sense. There is one person who could flip a switch and immediately conscript a force of hundreds of millions of lobbyists. He could turn normal people in to pissed off constituents in a matter of moments.

Not to give away the secret but his name rhymes with Clark Nuckerberg.


If “he” directed all Facebook traffic to a single page that said “Facebook will be inaccessible until the SOPA bill in congress is defeated. Please contact your representatives. Thank you” then SOPA would be dead tomorrow.

Can you imagine all the ignorant (used literally, not as an insult) legislators hearing from their staffers and grandchildren about Facebook shutting down? Can you imagine how many otherwise ignorant (same usage) citizens would actually be spurned to do something once their addictive, time wasting timelines and Zynga games were gone?

You say you want a revolution? Well, call Mark. He has the tools at his disposal to start one.


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