The Best “little” thing about the iPhone

I’m about 6 months in to owning an iPhone instead of an Android device and while there are a number of HUGE things I like (brightness auto-adjustment, great battery life, the fact that it never ‘hangs up’ or requires a reboot), the best “little” thing is the Reader feature in the browser. Simply put, if you open a web page then a little button saying “Reader” appears in the address bar. Click it and the text of the page is presented in a format similar to the Kindle app. The text is readable and large and most images and ads are stripped out.

Im sure there are Apps that can be downloaded for Android or WP7 that do this same thing. But I wouldn’t know because Apple was nice enough to bake the feature in to the OS. What’s great is that consuming blogs and internet pages is SUBSTANTIALLY more pleasant using this feature. As a result, I spend not just more time on my phone but more time being happy on my phone.

Well done.


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