The Rule of Awesome

It is so easy to overthink everything. Overthinking features, offerings, pricing, bullet points on a presentation….think and tweak and pivot and change and tweak some more. Just to make it awesome.

Quit overthinking everything. Nothing you do is going to take your product or service or idea from “pretty good” to “awesome.”

The Rule of Awesome is simple: Things that are awesome are always awesome. Things that are not awesome suck. Either now, or eventually, they will head in the wrong direction. THere is no crossing-over. Little tweaks and turns of the screw won’t make a piece of shit awesome. THe idea, the overarching concept, was either awesome or it wasn’t long before you came along to manage it.

In music it is easy to see that Awesome is always Awesome. THink Bruce Springsteen’s “Born In The USA” studio recording contrasted with the live version. It’s barely the same song, but it’s awesome both ways.

Same goes for “Patience” by GNR, which is soft and acoustic on record and loud and gritty live. Still Awesome. Dylan and Jimi Hendrix doing “All Along the Watchtower”, Marley and Clapton doing “I Shot the Sheriff.” Awesome is awesome.

The same goes for your business, your startup, your product. You can not fake awesome.

(As a caveat: People who buy things that aren’t awesome are AWARE that their purchase isn’t awesome but they are doing it anyway. Maybe its peer pressure or cost or availability or the fact that they like the Dell sales guy more then the IBM sales guy. But don’t let a person buying something somehow convince you that it is awesome, just as a lack of sales is hardly confirmation that something isn’t awesome.)

Its hard to operate in business for long and make money without having to respond to competitors with price cuts and discounts. It’s hard to create anything – a physical good, a website, a service offering – that stands up and stands out.

The way to grow margins and make money, however, is easy: have something that is Awesome. Have something to sell where – if your customer had an unlimited budget – they would choose your Awesome offering over the competition’s not-awesome offering every time. You would actually be surprised how much more people will pay for Awesome if they are given the opportunity.

ANd for an A/B test showing you that Awesome is always Awesome, check out Biffy Clyro’s “Mountains”, which is awesome no matter how the band plays it:

Live at Wembley:


Yup, still Awesome.


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