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A Million Ways to Die
December 11, 2012

Hey look…it’s Elisha Cuthbert….and Brian Fallon doing his thing.

“I packed up my things and left all my doubts…you know I think I will grow my hair back out”

I had a dream last night that I got a job again at Dell. I worked there during the day and used my lunch break and after hours to run my business. In the dream, I worked somewhere else and ran the business on the side.

Worst dream ever. My world was upside down a hundred ways. Customers calling, family wondering what was going on. Good grief…It seems like such a simple idea: work at the reliable, safe job and build “your business” on the side. One day it will be big and you can quit your job. Yea! The perfect plan.

When you run a business, there are a million ways to die. That actually might be on the low side; there might be five gillion ways to die.

No customers
No money
No products
No credit
No profitability
No scaleability
No reputation
No innovation
No employees
No way to grow
No way to shrink
No time because you are busy working your other job.

On and on and on. Combine each little piece of each little thing and there are a million quadrillion kazillion ways to die.

But there is good news: There are just as many ways to live. Just as many paths out of the mire to get you on the way to winning. Each lever can be pulled or pushed. Each challenge can be massaged or moved. Each piece of the puzzle creates an infinite number of ways to move this here, push that there and BOOM you have found the code.

One day you’ll have the right formula. One day there will be ducks and a row and organization and growth and profitability for you if only you will keep tweaking the levers.

And it will be awesome. “I didn’t say it would be easy. I said it would be worth it.”