Welcome to Techstbooks. I am a web enthusiast like you are, but I have a slight problem: outside of a little HTML, I don’t know anything about code. I just know how I want things to work and through a ton of trial and error, I’ve figured out to get from point A to point Z with the coding ability of a baboon. More importantly, along the way, I’ve compiled a solid internet business education.

I used to work as the Director of Sales and Marketing for an allergy and hormone therapy clinic in Austin, Texas but then I got “laid off”. I have founded one startup that was dead on arrival, since apparently there are other people selling poker supplies online. I also have founded one startup that was a disaster to end all disasters as my partners were (1) lazy and unable to do anything remotely resembling work and (2) talented yet scatterbrained, leaving him also unable to do anything remotely resembling work.   And like you, I have a stack of binders and notebooks full of ideas and sketches and notes and references for ideas that I hope to work on as soon as I get my current projects and obligations in order.

Now I run a million dollar wholesale distribution business and I’m thankful for all the lessons I learned along the way (even from those aforementioned partners) and I’m here to impart that knowledge on to you.

Hopefully, my experience combining business and the internet after starting with little experience with either will be of some use to you.

Thanks for stopping by.


5 Responses

  1. hi colin, i was introduced here through astartup blog.
    hopefully you may share your ideas. im a coder and i would love to develop ideas as well.hope to ehar from you

  2. hi….now that colli is back from his honeymoon are you still oing to post ideas, i would like to read and go through your ideas as well.kind regards

  3. […] married buddy Kevin Leneway does too (though I wonder about him at times ). I don’t know Colin Dowling, but I know he does it and for other people at times. And then there’s Seth Godin, and his […]

  4. Great stuff! Glad I stopped by from your link on FBG.

  5. Incredible – how can it be there are only 4 subscribers (including myself) to this treasure chest of information?
    I’m a developer and came here via astartupaday.
    This blog is pure awesomeness!

    Keep it going! You rock!

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