The Rules

Rule #1 – Get Started Now

Rule #2 – No, You Don’t to Raise Money Right Now

Rule #3 – Good News! Your Great Idea Probably Stinks

Rule #4 – Solving the Problem of Co-Founders

Rule #5 – Why is More Important then What

Rule # 6 – The Ninety-Ten Rule

Rule # 6.5 – Be the Rolling Stones

Rule #7 – Sometimes, that’s not my job is the right answer

Rule #8 – Do not NOT follow good advice

Rule #9 – Building community and plastering it with ads is not a business strategy

Rule # 10 – If No One Will pay for it, it’s worthless

Rule # 11 – You are your first customer 

Rule # 12 – You are not building the next Google.  Deal with it. 

Rule # 13 – Underwhelm the masses 

Rule # 14 – Impress your mother, not your friends 

Rule #15 – There are 4 species of computer programmers 


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